What the Circles Mean

We believe that Scripture teaches that God created each person to live in an eternal relationship with Him. This belief is so central to everything we do at Harpeth Heights that we created these circles to constantly remind us that living in relationship with God is more than simply knowing some verses from the Bible. It is more than simply doing some good things in God’s name. It is even more than attending worship services on Sunday. God created us to enjoy a relationship with Him that transcends all aspects of our lives, and these circles are here to remind us that living in relationship with God requires us to know, serve, and worship Him.

Knowing Christ better (the blue circle) – God created us to know Him, and He has given us the Bible so that we might know Him and how we can live in relationship with Him. You see, as we study Scripture we come to know God better. Bible study is critical to knowing Christ better, but we must also grow to know Christ better through prayer, obedience, and living in relationship with other Christ-followers.

Serving Christ wholeheartedly (the black circle) – When we understand all that God has done for us, the only proper response is to serve Him wholeheartedly. Jesus provides us the perfect example of selfless service. On the final night before His arrest and crucifixion, Jesus used a portion of His final meal with His disciples to wash their feet – including the feet of the one who would betray Him. Jesus’ example creates the expectation that every Christ-follower should serve God and serve others, but we must do so wholeheartedly out of a humble and grateful spirit.

Worshipping Christ with every aspect of our lives (the green circle) – All of creation was made to bring praise and glory to God. As followers of Jesus Christ, we have the ultimate privilege of worshipping Him with every aspect of our lives. All too often, we tend to think of worship as something we do on Sunday mornings during a church service. While consistently worshipping with other Christ-followers is critical to our relationship with God, Biblical worship is a lifestyle not an event. We are called to worship Christ with the way that we work, the way we treat our family, the way we speak, and the way we live. In short, truly worshipping Christ is not just a Sunday morning event; it involves every aspect of our lives.

You may have noticed that each of the circles partially overlaps the others. The overlap is intentional. We cannot truly serve and worship a Savior that we do not know. Neither can we know God without worshipping and serving Him. The center point of the circles – the place where all three intersect – is the place God has called us to live. You see, when we are striving to Know Christ better, to Serve Him wholeheartedly, and to Worship Him with every aspect of our lives ,all three circles intersect and we find balance, peace, purpose, and a life that exceeds anything we could ever imagine. Everything we do at Harpeth Heights is designed to help you know, serve, and worship Christ in such a way that you can experience the amazing relationship with God that He created you to enjoy for all eternity!