Wednesday Night Groups

On Wednesday nights, we offer groups for all ages from preschoolers to senior adults.  Groups begin at 6:30 p.m.


Men’s Group (Bible Reading Group)

Join us as we dive into the books of James and look at how to apply it our daily lives.  This group is about accountability for men walking life together, loving their families, and loving God.


Women’s Group

A group of women who study God’s word together and encourage each other.  This group goes through a variety of Bible Studies during the year.  They will begin the fall with Finding I Am by Lisa TerKerurst.  Walking through the book of John, they will learn who Jesus is, the life-giving freedom God wants for us all, and how what Jesus said 2,000 years ago is very applicable to our lives today.


Evidence of God in Science and Scripture

Can we prove the existence of God, or are we left to grapple in the dark and take blind leaps of faith about what we believe? Everyone asks these questions, and maybe you have the answers.  But can you defend your beliefs when friends, co-workers, neighbors who may challenge your worldview?  This focus group will look specifically at scripture, worldview, and how to share your story and God’s story in a way that connects with those who are yet to believe.


Turning Everyday Conversations Into Gospel Conversations

Have you heard people talking about Gospel Conversations, but are unsure about how to get started?  Or maybe there is someone you would really like to share the gospel with, but you are unsure how to connect with them.  In this focus study, we will learn simple strategies as beliers who are joining God in His reconciliation work.  We will look at ways to incorporate the biblical metanarrative, as well as our own personal stories, to tell the good news that Jesus has made a way out of the broken places we find ourselves.


Prayer Warriors Group

As followers of Christ, we can find ourselves at a loss for words- even at a loss for how to understand a calamity in light of God’s goodness and sovereignty.  When we gather with other believers to pray, we can encourage one another ask build one another up.  In corporate prayer we can remind our brothers and sisters that God will never forsake us that nothing can operate from the loved of God and that we have a Savior who sympathizes with our weakness.