Small Groups

God created us to live in relationship with Him and with other people. Far too often people neglect one aspect of relationship. Either they focus on relationships with other people and neglect their relationship with God, or they focus so exclusively on their relationship with God that they forget that they are to live in relationship with other people. The reality is that we can and should focus on both aspects of relationship simultaneously, and we believe the best way to do just that is through small group Bible study.

We know that life is busy and that work and family schedules can be challenging. But what if you were able to find purpose in where God is leading you, connect with friends who encourage, support, and love you all while hearing God speak directly to you through a Biblically focused lesson? That type of environment would be and is worth getting the family together to attend a small group Bible study! You can get connected to Jesus Christ and to others in a small group that fits your specific life situation. Don’t worry about your children because during our small group Bible studies on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening our preschoolers, children, and students are engaged in their own age-appropriate small group Bible study to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Wednesday Night Discipleship Classes

Men’s Group / Focus Study: Living Sent / Led by John Carney

Women’s Group / Focus Study: Loving Well- Healthy Relationships / Led by Susan Hutchens

Adult Focus Group / The Book of Isaiah / Led by Bob Vassar