Special Events at the Preschool Ministry

Throughout the year, we plan special events for preschoolers and their families to help them build a sense of community with their church family.  These events are open to the community and any family with preschoolers.  Some of our events include a unique Christmas party, Easter Egg Hunts, and summer fun days.

Family Dedications

At Harpeth Heights, we believe that parents are the primary spiritual leaders of their families. Our child home dedications reflect this belief as we partner with parents from the very beginning, making a covenant as a church with the family to support, pray, and walk alongside them in this journey called parenting.  Family Dedications also known as Child Home Dedications are scheduled with the parents and Minister of Preschool when the family is ready to stand before the church and make a covenant with God and the church to raise their child(ren) in a Christian home.  Each child is presented with a special Bible as a symbol of the church’s promise to help the child on the journey to learning about having a personal relationship with Jesus.