Transitional Team

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Selection Process for HHBC Members on Joint Transition Team

December 10th– January 21st

Congregation is encouraged to prayerfully seek God’s agenda and who He would lead to be on the Joint Transition Team

December 17th-31st

Each member of the congregation will be able to nominate 2 people to be on the Joint Transition Team.  Nominations should be people whom they believe will be forward thinking, seeking God’s agenda for the church, discerning, and active members of the church.

Nominations will be accepted online and at the church.  They can be dropped off at the church office December 17- 22, December 24, and December 31.They can be submitted online from December 17-midnight on December 31st.

January 2nd– 7th

Bob Vassar, Interim of Harpeth Heights, and the deacon council will oversee the selection process of the Joint Transition Team.

January 7th

The nomination list will be shared with the congregation.

January 7th– January 21st

The congregation is asked to pray over the nomination list in preparation for a yes/no vote.

January 21st

At the quarterly business meeting, the joint transition team will be voted on.


Nomination for the Joint Transition Team- HHBC Members 

This team will include lay members from our congregation, Brentwood’s congregation, as well as staff.  The purpose of this team is to begin informally merging the ministries of the church.


Nominated members should be:

1 Seeking God’s Agenda for the Church

2. Presently Active in Ministry of the Church

3.Forward Thinkers


5.Willing to Commit to at least a year of serving on this team