Our Preschool Ministry (Birth – 5 Years Old)

It is never too early to introduce preschoolers to the love of God. We strive to provide a safe Christian environment where the foundational building blocks of faith can support the primary spiritual teaching of the home. Our desire is to partner with families to begin to introduce preschoolers to age appropriate Bible Stories that will help them develop a foundation that will one day lead to a personal relationship with Christ as their Savior.

Our teachers are volunteers who are caring, loving, and positive role models. They enjoy seeing your child discover how church is a place for making friends, growing, and learning.

Note About Our Security Procedures

Because we recognize that we are a reflection of God’s love to those in our care, we take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe environment for the children who attend Harpeth Heights Baptist Church. This includes a Child Protection Policy, under which screening of all teachers and workers takes place. We also have sign in/sign out security procedures to make our preschool area more secure. Parents are asked to complete a security tag each week, and they take a matching half to the name sticker which is on the child’s back. When a parent picks up their child, they need to sign the child out and give the teacher the security tag.

Preschool Parent Connection

Communication is very important to our preschool team. One of the ways we try to stay connected with our parents is by a monthly newsletter: Preschool Parent Connection. Please check the most current edition of the newsletter for the most updated current events and news for our preschoolers. In addition, we have a Facebook Group for our families with preschoolers. Please ask Susan Foster for information about joining this group.